Proof Russian interference is BS

Proof that DNC manufactured the Russian controversy in June 2016

This post unmasks Guccifer 2.0's identity as none other than the DNC.

Guccifer 2.0 hosted a Wordpress site where the DNC documents could be publicly downloaded. June 15th was the date of the first Guccifer 2.0 leak; further leaks would continue thereafter. I focus only on the first leak, as they contain the metadata which are essential to proving it was a DNC operation.

What were in the leaked Guccifer documents?

Guccifer 2.0 leaked a total of 10 Office documents from the DNC in the first batch (many more would come, but none contain the same "mistakes" as the ones I shall detail).

All Microsoft Office documents have metadata entries which contain attributes about the document itself such as the user that created them, the user that modified them, and so on.

It would be unusual for a leaker to modify the metadata, but Guccifer 2.0 did, claiming that it was his "watermark."

In Offic…

How to access this blog securely via Tor and Tails

Tor Browser is a modified Mozilla Firefox browser that includes NoScript and 3 hoops encryption. It hides your IP Address. Orbot allows you to use Tor on Android. Mail2Tor allows you to create a free email over Tor without a phone number or other email address (.onion only access able over Tor) ->> https://mail2tor2zyjdctd.onion/

Press connect and click on Tor Network Settings then osbf4.

KeyPassX is a free password manager that can generate passwords.

Tails is a free Tor OS that allows you to access the web securely. All connections except the Unsafe Browser (used to login to portals) goes through Tor. It contains KeyPassX. Dual boot it with Windows. You can buy a Tails stick off osdisc.

The Housing Bubble 10k MEW per year "free money"

Commentator "Blissex"

Main quote:
"In 2001, the average price of a house was £121,769 and the average salary was £16,557, according to the National Housing Federation. A decade on, the typical price of a property is 94% higher at £236,518, while average wages are up 29% to £21,330"

There was a paper by one of the conservative think thanks published in the late 70s that showed that even given the same level of income and education and classvoters were far more likely to vote to the right if: They owned and used a car rather than using public transport. They owned shares rather than having a pension. They owned a house instead of renting. That is even middle-upper class voters were more likely to vote left instead of right if they used public transport, had a pension, and rented, and most importantly even working class voters would vote for the right if they owned a car, some shares, and a house, no matter how thin such owner…

Net zero immigration and shelf contacts min wage post Brexit

The case for net zero immigration and shelf contacts post Brexit - Brexit and Labour

Post Brexit introduction of a shelf contacts at the minimum wage ("Job Guarantee") as well as immigration controls will allow ending all child poverty and increase turnover in the UK. The private sector will hire many as it is easier to hire those already employed ("transition jobs") say half of the people in the JG, so it will 'pay for itself' in conventional economic terms (come onto heterodox MMT later.) Examples of a contact on a shelf include side of a motorway, trim back a row of trees, open source programming, social care, environmental work, tour guides etc. In conventional economic terms, more private sector employment for the same level of inflation. It could be sold as insurance and a strong auto stabilised as soon as people come off the JG there is an automatic reduction in state spending. It could also include mothering as a caring job (limit to 2 children unde…